Evangelizing main stream adoption of DeFi and Crypto

Crypto and Crypto Tech has come a long way since the heyday of Bitcoin, Ethereum and MakerDAO. While this technology had always been about decentralization, the newest trend is all about DeFi or Decentralized Finance. So what is DeFi? Simply put, it is a means of creating greater access and inclusiveness for people who are traditionally left out of the status-quo systems. It is also a means of taking the power out of the hand of the middleman and putting it back into the hand of the individual.

DeFi Bull (Run) Fund is here doing its part in evangelizing main stream adoption and educating people about how and where to invest their money in crypto markets to get the best yields based on their individual investment goals. Much more than that, we are about tokenizing main stream assets such as cannabis/marijuana, and high tech/space tech, thus allowing main stream investors to much more easily invest in these assets, in addition to investing in high growth DeFi tokens and initiatives.